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Prime 1 Credit Repair offers FAST, Powerful, Credit Report Repair with a risk-free guarantee! Results in about 45 days.

We offer a FREE phone consultation. Want to know more? Call 801-623-1566 or visit our website at www.prime1creditrepair.com and inquire online about our successful credit report repair!



Here's what our customer's say about us:


Outstanding Service & Results!

by Jesse H. 

Debra is a wizard! She and her team were amazing and the results that we got were beyond any expectations we had. We were able to get into our new home and our credit report is now outstanding after our credit repair with this company! Fast service too! Forever thankful!

by Mark T  I heard of this company from my mortgage broker. 

Their one-time fee is very affordable and reasonable. My scores were low and I had old accounts that were bad and newer accounts with late payments. It took 49 days from the time that I started to get my score to 668, 670 and 691. All of the negative accounts were removed except one. Mark Tishman 

Very satisfied with this company by Anthony L

I called a couple of different credit repair services. I choose Prime 1  due to the fact that they were accredited with high recommendations. I started their service. It was very easy to understand. About 32 days after they started I received my reports. It was just like they told me. I saw the deleted accounts and my FICO scores raised. There was no way that I was able to get a loan and I was stuck with a bad credit report. I hired them to clean up my report. My scores all went from a middle 500 to 600. I was able to get a loan with Bank of Utah. Thank you for a good start and I will continue to keep my report in good shape, I promise. Anthony L.

My scores jumped way up. by Scott L W

Debra, Please see my attached credit reports. It looks like the judgment has been removed. And WOW!!!!! My scores jumped way up. I'm going to be able to house shop now. Is there anything else we need to do? I can't thank you enough. This is the best investment that I have ever made.  I'm not ashamed of my credit any longer. Scott Webb

This credit repair service works !!! by David D

I called a couple of companies. I had a bad credit report with a bankruptcy and several medical collections. My score was in the low 550's. I chose this company because they were knowledgeable and very affordable. I didn't have to pay monthly, I paid a one time fee. I worked with Sherry. She explained how they were able to dispute accounts on my reports and what type of outcome to expect. She told me that they have a guarantee and A+ rating.  All 3 of my scores increased. I bought a new car which I really needed. I will recommend this company to all of my friends and people who I work with. THANKS, your credit repair service works!!! 

Good Service - Their Credit Repair Works !!! by William E

My wife and I had medical collections and a home foreclosure that were old accounts. I tried for 9 months to work with the credit bureaus without any type of success. We contacted Debra. She was very knowledgeable about credit repair services and explained what the procedure is that her company follows for their service. We started our service the last week of February. At a 48  day point we received our credit reports back with the corrections and deletions of negative accounts. I've rented for 3 years due to our credit scores.  We now have a bid on a new home. Our scores went up 65 - 89 points. I'll never have bad credit again.


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